Public input requested for Woburn's new Comprehensive Plan

WOBURN - What do you want Woburn to look like in the future?

Now, the public has a chance to share one's ideas with others in the community.

Mayor John Curran has charged the Planning Director and the Planning Board with updating the city's Comprehensive Plan. The project, called "Vision 2020," will draw heavily on citizen input to draft a new plan that will guide future decisions on land use, housing, transportation, economic development, natural resources, and capital improvements.

The Vision 2020 process is expected to take more than a year to complete.

A kickoff meeting was held in October and was well-attended by the pubic. The next opportunity to participate will be the evening of Thursday, Jan. 9 at the Shamrock School, Green Street. This event will be a creative planning charrette format. A charrette is defined as an intensive design workshop involving people working together under a set deadline.

The city's Planning DirectorEdmund P. Tarallo is one of those charged with the effort.

On agenda for Jan. 9

Attendees at the Jan. 9 meeting can expect to hear a presentation on comprehensive planning accomplishments to date, including a discussion of a Draft Vision Statement and goals for implementing the statement.

A review of the information collected at the Oct. 9 initial meeting will be reviewed as a method of confirming the potential goals and objectives for which Woburn should strive. Attendees will be asked to assist in finalizing the Vision Statement for the Master Plan and discussing implementation steps that should be considered to implement the Vision Statement.

Additional Information on the Vision: 2020 Process

Woburnites can learn more about the city's year-long Vision: 2020 process by calling the Planning Board at 781-932-4417.

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