State suspends license of doctor

BOSTON (AP) — State regulators have suspended the medical license of an obstetrician, last year disciplined by Winchester Hospital, who has reportedly been sued for malpractice at least a dozen times since 1993.

The Board of Registration in Medicine suspended Dr. Suzanne Rothchild's license after reviewing nine complaints against her. The board's records show that she paid above-average settlements in four malpractice suits since 2005.

Last year, Rothchild's malpractice insurance company said it would no longer insure her for new patients. Winchester Hospital disciplined her last year for poor fetal monitoring and not providing enough assistance to the nursing staff.

The board called Rothchild an "immediate and serious threat to public health."

Rothchild's lawyer told The Boston Globe she will appeal the suspension.

A statement released today by Winchester Hospital states, "Winchester Hospital takes the care and safety of our patients extremely seriously.

"We continuously review the care provided to our patients through our peer review process. The outcomes of that process are reported to the Board when appropriate.

"We have cooperated with the Board of Registration in Medicine throughout its review of Dr. Rothchild. We have taken prompt action in response to the Board's action today. Dr. Rothchild's privileges at Winchester Hospital have been suspended.

"We are now focused on making arrangements for the continued care of her patients," the Winchester Hospital statement concludes.

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